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About Us

TOSS-PRO Trading company is a well-established proprietorship trading company formed in Sana’a - Yemen since 2014. The Company has vast business experience in many Office Automation fields that exceeds 35 years while enjoying an outstanding reputation of excellence in commitment, performance and professionalism qualities. TOSS-PRO Trading company is continuously acquiring more of market share widening its base of contacts and relationships with all business and governmental entities.

TOSS-PRO Trading company, as name refers to “Total Office Smart Solution for Professionals” is representing more like a commitment to our clients to strive towards being a total solution provider for office machinery and supplies in our Yemeni market. The Company is one of very few companies that solely focused its activities and profession since formed in supplying of office automation, educational and meetings equipments technologies. The Company believes its success is founded on the expertise, knowledge and passion of its team members and their commitment to business principles which leads eventually to strategic goals.

  • Mission is to become an essential business partner to every business entity and individual in our territory by attaining customer’s total needs and satisfaction in every aspect ensuring to realize the ultimate goal of scaling down competition and to dominate our market with the dealerships we represents.

  • Vision is to strive becoming Yemen’s No.1 focused Office Machinery in Republic of Yemen through continuous growth and expansion.


Design and Grading
of tests
  • Electronic solutions for establishing tests and ensuring the confidentiality of test image processing.
  • We have an integrated electronic system to manage the schedules of tests and the distribution of committees for students.
  • Software solutions to save test questions with their statistical specifications and other possibilities.
  • Electronic solutions to carry out the tests and follow them in a highly confidential and accurate manner.
Design of Surveys and
Opinion polls
  • Create questionnaire elements, and design and print questionnaires
  • Manage the data processing of questionnaires for your entire organization
  • Analyze the results of your organization's surveys and submit statistical reports
  • A dedicated team to control the application process of your organization
Our Training and
Consulting Services
  • Training institutions to deal with automated testing systems or questionnaires.
  • Prepare trained cadres in your organization to perform classic statistical analysis and IRT analysis.
  • Provide continuous consultation and follow-up and evaluation service for all model design and analysis of results.
  • We have a team of specialists ready to assist you in the management of exams and measurement of learning outcomes.
Reprographic Service Center
Large-Format Printing and Document Production for any Phase of Your Project